"I've shown 200,000 people how to become anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, health anxiety, depression, OCD & PTSD free...


Your anxiety isn't what
you believe it to be...


If you have any of the the symptoms below, I will show you that it's all 'mind lies'...

  • Do you experience anxiety and/or panic attacks?

  • Do you focus on your wellbeing and/or bodily 'symptoms'?

  • Do you have issues with breathing, heart-type symptoms or digestion?

  • Have you ever sought medical guidance and they have diagnosed anxiety?

  • Do you feel depleted, unwell, tired or lethargic?

  • Do you sometimes feel like you are going mad or losing control?

  • Do you ever have racing, confused or inappropriate thoughts?

  • Do you feel overly scared but unable to understand why?

  • Do you feel isolated by your physical and psychological experiences?

  • Do you have phobias or obsessional or inappropriate thoughts?


All of the symptoms listed above and more that I will explain in detail, are signs that you are suffering from a 'high anxiety condition'.

Your symptoms and thoughts associated with your high anxiety condition are a massive group of varied bodily and psychological experiences created by your mind - these conditions are perceived as 'danger' but their truth is far less sinister and actually very positive.

Do you KNOW why you suffer? Do you know what your symptoms really are? Do you know that you can go from anxious to 'better than good'... fast?

Our research and practice over 19 years helping many tens of thousands of people to recover from anxiety and panic disorders has provided us with a unique insight into the true nature of what you are experiencing and I would really like to share those life changing truths with you.


You'll be surprised and relieved to hear the truth I assure you!

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"My name is Charles Linden. Since 2007 our Linden Method anxiety and panic attacks treatment solutions have helped over 200,000 people and our online resources have been accessed by over 22 million people.

Despite our 8,000 plus current, active clients and my full diary, media engagements, Retreats and Hay House events, radio programs etc. I love my work and I adore changing lives. Coping with anxiety and its symptoms is not an option. I know that you will feel liberated, excited and relieved that you have finally found a group of qualified people who can truly change everything for you.

I'll personally send you my free advice

I'll immediately send you my anxiety and panic attacks recovery emails and recovery info pack to start you on your path to recovery.

You can email at any time to ask questions or gain reassurance. My absolute focus is your recovery and myself and my team will stop at nothing till you are recovered and happy.

There is nothing to pay for. All the emails, advice and audios are 100% FREE OF CHARGE
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Charles Linden - Helping people with anxiety.
What I can do for you

You'll receive my time tested
and proven anxiety recovery advice & information

I will personally tell you how I have helped over 200,000 people to eliminate their anxiety, panic attacks, OCD & agoraphobia .

I'll tell you...

  • How to remove anxiety and panic attacks
  • How every symptom and thought has developed
  • How to overcome OCD & PureO
  • How to remove agoraphobia
  • How to overcome intrusive thoughts
  • How to become obsessions
  • How to improve your relationships
  • How to stop health anxiety & phobias
and thats not all

You can interact with ME directly & get answers to your questions - you can ALSO get a FREE session with one of our anxiety & panic attacks recovery Specialists.

As seen on TV channels, in magazines, newspapers and heard on radio stations around the world... by Hay House Author Charles Linden

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What do some famous ex clients & the media say about me and my Method?

“Charles Linden...
the Allen Carr of anxiety.”

The Times

“The Linden Method and
Charles Linden saved my life”

The Telegraph

“Charles Linden is the world's most influential authority on anxiety.”

Hay House Publishing


Linda Robson

Linda Robson

"Pharmaceuticals is a multi million pound industry which traps people, Charles method is the true solution. The linden method is the best way xxx

As it's anxiety awareness week thought of share with you @CharlesLinden and his method who's helped my family and friends over come theirs."

Quote from

jemma kidd depression anxiety panic attacks

Jemma Kidd & Jodie Kidd

"We suffered from crippling severe anxiety and panic attacks and the associated symptoms and probably half my friends did too, Jodie and I both used The Linden Method having found Charles Linden's website on the internet."

"The program was the answer we had been looking for. Anyone suffering from high anxiety or panic really should use the Linden Method, it really helped us be panic and anxiety attacks free. I want to help other sufferers to recover and to send the message out that anxiety conditions are curable, despite what some may say."

Jemma Kidd is a celebrity makeup artist and married to the Duke of Wellington's grandson, making her Lady Jemma Mornington. Jodie is an international supermodel and rally driver (yes, she's an amazing rally driver!)

Quote from The Daily Mail YOU magazine

Kate Ford

Kate Ford

I have been suffering with nerves for years. It's a fear of embarassing myself if I'm in the company of strangers when but Once you've broken the cycle of panic you are okay. The Linden Method really works for me."

Posted on - Kate is an actress on the UKs longest running Soap Opera Coronation Street.

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Charles Linden with Rickie Lake in Hollywood

Image of Charles

Charles in the Daily Mail with Jemma Kidd

self help solution anxiety and panic attacks

Charles and Gok Wan in his TV series

About Charles Linden

Charles Linden and his programs are recommended by the UK's NHS and Charles acts as an anxiety, panic disorder and depression adviser to government agencies, media, newspapers, magazines and other organizations around the World.

Charles is a TV presenter with his own TV series and regularly appears on international TV and radio. Charles is also published by Hay House publishing and regularly contributes in the World Summit on Hay House radio and in international conferences around the world.

Charles is an adviser to many media companies, film companies, studios and actors and often assists in emergency cases in which actors, musicians or sports stars are unable to perform due to their anxiety. Charles is also an advocate of drug free treatments. He believes in removing anxiety not having to control or manage it.

About The Linden Method

Charles Linden developed The Linden Method to treat his own anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, PTSD, Pure O, Derealization, Depersonalization, depression and eating disorders after 27 years of suffering.

The Linden Method has become the most complete resource for anxiety disorder sufferers and their recovery - containing everything that any sufferer will need to become anxiety free - the content is so liberating, new and exciting that sufferers feel an instant sense of relief, support and excitement like they have never felt before.

Now, Charles' and his teams' programs are used and visited by tens of thousands of people each year. Charles coaches people from every corner of the earth including Hollywood and international actors, sports-people, politicians, musicians and millions of normal, every day people who, like he once did, suffer needlessly at the hand of these pointless disorders.

Charles' Anxiety Recovery Retreats and Workshops, his Hay House published books and events and all other activities bring freedom and happiness to all his clients.

The programs are developed to fall in line with psychological practice and to conform to local and international standards for health care. The TLM Coaching Accreditation program was developed to teach health care practitioners around the world to administer The Linden Method anxiety, panic attacks and depression recovery treatment remotely.

The Linden Method home learning solution was developed for sufferers to implement at home in order to create fast and permanent results - it includes unlimited access to The Linden Method team of anxiety recovery specialists as well as a wealth of anxiety and panic attacks busting tips, tricks, tools and devices.